Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 14:11:31 +0200
From: Andre Koehorst
Subject: Using PLOB in an application for CSCW
Organization: University of Maastricht (UM)


I am using PLOB together with CL-HTTP in applications to support our education (a university study in medicine). Since monday we have a small application up and running that enables students to work together on a writing assignment. PLOB is used to store CLOS objects used to represent groups, students, the assignment and students' contributions to it. CL-HTTP is used to generate the interface for students.

The system is dynamic since students add contributions to it. PLOB is perfect for storing these changes. From the persistent objects it is easy to re-create all neccessary CL-HTTP-objects (computed URLS, realms, groups and users ...)

The system will be used the next four weeks by four groups of 8-9 students.

With PLOB it took me a day to implement persistency and the functions to reinstall the assignments in CL-HTTP (took me a day since I am not really a programmer ....). Without PLOB it would have been a pain to do this, and probably impossible given the time I had to develop the app.



Created October 13, 1998.
Heiko Kirschke,